LocoRoco Promotional Copy - PSP - PAL - EUR



PSP CaseGreat

Condition Guides

Region: PAL EUR

Rating: G

Mint – The disk is in a brand new condition. It has no marks or scratches. 

Perfect – The disk may show slight signs of wear but has no scratches or marks. 

Excellent – The disk has 1-2 extremely small and minor scratches. 

Great – The disk has mildly faint scratches in a certain area or coving the disk. 

Mint – The case looks brand new. It may have light scratches but shows no marks or signs of wear.

Perfect – The case has mild scratches. It may have extremely small marks or signs of wear.  

Excellent – The case has scratches. It may have small marks or signs of wear.

Great – The case has a high level of scratches and may have marks and signs of wear.