About Us


In 2016, after purchasing a PlayStation 2 bundle that included The Simpsons Hit and Run, one of my favourite childhood games, I resorted to reselling as a way to pass on the games that I was not interested in. Throughout high school and into university where I began to study exercise sport science, my side hobby slowly developed into what Retro Gaming is today. Eventually I chose to switch my major to business, after I had come to the realisation that working with retro video games was my true passion.


Meet Matt

Hey, I'm Matt! I'm the owner and sole operator of Retro Gaming! I've been working with and around Retro Video games every single day for the past 5 years, and it's been an incredible journey to build up Retro Gaming to where it is today! 

My interest in gaming began as a child with my very first console, a second hand playstation one, gifted to me in 2005. My favourite game to play was Crash Team Racing, which sparked my interest into requesting a PlayStation 2 for Christmas that year. Ever since, I have been surrounded by video games of all sorts, eventually developing my interest towards the nostalgia of retro games. The charm and satisfaction of revisiting games from my childhood, brought back many great memories and was a feeling that I wanted to share with those around me. 



In the current retro gaming market, no business consistently offers second hand games in a high quality condition.

Our website exists to do just that, as we strive to be the place collectors and nostalgia buyers visit when seeking an all round high quality product. We source our games, accessories and consoles with quality and condition specifically in mind, with many games still in their original packaging. Our cases are cleaned and inspected for dents and scratches, disks and carts are professionally machine cleaned and our covers, manuals and boxes are all of high grade quality. These measures are put in place as we want to ensure our customers are experiencing their games the same way as they did when they first received and played them.